Adela Bacova and her design awards, Red Dot, Big See and Created in Zlin.

Adéla is a multidisciplinary designer who mostly works in product design, interior design, and small architecture.
Apart from her collections under her own label, she also works for various clients.

Adéla worked with KOMA Modular for 3 years. During this collaboration she designed a new product line called Fashion Line, which won the Red Dot Award in 2021. In addition to designing products for her own brand, she also collaborates with various companies such as Živý Zlín, Kudomu, Urbania, Ovečkárna, Koma Rent or the city of Luhačovice. 
In 2022, Adéla founded What a Hut, a company that designs and realizes wooden buildings dedicated mainly to relaxation.