year : 2023
PHOTO: Julius Filip

Budka : Sauna

Budka, designed within the What a Hut project, is a multifunctional object that can become a sauna, office, workshop, children's hideout, or room for meditation.

A perforated wall has been the key element that ensures intimacy, but at the same time, it lets enough light in.

The very first sauna Budka was built near Zlin. On a sloping plot, you will find, in addition to the sauna itself, a second object - a relaxation room. This serves as a changing room and it is connected to the sauna by a cascading terrace.

The base of Budka is made from an oil-glazed spruce bioboard; thanks to its qualities the wood retains its uniform bright character. On the contrary, the colour of the larch wood on the terrace will mature over time and change its colour to grey shades. The third material used is milk polycarbonate making up the walls of the relaxation room. This material gives sufficient privacy during the day and while dusk is falling it lets the last bits of the sun in and gently illuminates the entire object. Thanks to these, Budka has such a unique atmosphere.

Contributor: What a Hut
Website: www.wah.cz

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