Café potmě

year : 2019


Café POTMĚ is unique concept of fully darken coffee house, where the waitress and staff are visually impaired. By this way visitors can try the role of visually impaired individual while being served by real blind people. Proceeds from these events go for help to severely visually impaired children and adults.

Café has been working since 2006. Adéla Bačová designed the new version made of modular building system by KOMA Modular, which enables easy moving and assembling coffee house in various cities in Czech Republic. The attractive element of this building is the use of mirror facade, which reflects surroundings of the building and symbolically creates it invisible.

The graphic design on the building was created by graphic studio of Český Rozhlas.

Year: 2019

Client: Firefly - Czech Radio Foundation

Contributor: Koma Modular

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