year : 2022
Photo: verynicebeautiful

Ovečkárna offices: producer of fluffy goods

The goal was to preserve the industrial style of the whole area, situated in the former Baťa factory in Zlín. High concrete ceilings, load-bearing columns, and electrical wiring remained therefore revealed. Thanks to the atypical, irregular floor plan and large-scale glazing,  a visitor will see from the entrance to the end of the offices at one glance; surrounding brick buildings of the Svit production complex will not stay hidden either. 

Cozy elements became heraklith, natural wood - wool material used for walls, which also performs as an acoustic panel; as well as natural sheep wool and a delicate beige colour that ties it all together.

The combination of progressivity and tradition is underlined by the distinctive red floor referring to the proactivity of the company. The entire open space was designed to spend active leisure time at ping-pong or draw inspiration in a gentle chill-out zone located behind natural linen curtains.

Year: 2022

Client. Ovečkárna

Photo: verynicebeautiful

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