Poco Bar

year : 2021
Photo: Štěpán Klíma

Reconstruction of the POCO Bar in Prague

The main task in the bar reconstruction was the sensitive cleaning of the space with an emphasis on preserving the unique genius loci. The walls, including the vault, are bare and allow the interior to be complemented by distinctive color elements - toilet tiles, chairs, or atmospheric lighting. The resulting industrial touch with elements of skate culture is enhanced by other materials used, such as steel, perforated sheet metal, and polycarbonate.

One of the priorities was to preserve the original bar counter made of solid wood, so the front side is lined with perforated sheet metal, which preserved the original bar.

The element of paneling is repeated in the interior at one of the walls, which is completely covered by corrugated polycarbonate. The atmosphere of the space is created by custom-made pendant lights and a colorful LED wall in the niche behind the bar. All lighting was created in collaboration with Kryštof Hlůže.

Year: 2021
Client: POCO Bar
Photo: Julius Filip

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