year : 2023
Photo: Julius  Filip

Živý Zlín Offices

Year: 2023

Client. Živý Zlín

Photo: Julius Filip

Adéla Bačová, a young designer from Zlín, convinces us that colors should not be forgotten and hidden in drawers. Through a sensitive and playful reconstruction, she revitalized a part of the Zlínský zámek, which is used by the Živý Zlín organization. How else should the offices of an organization with this name and a young creative team feel if not lively and playful?

High ceilings and arches, large windows, and a history that breathes as you look at the original rubber floor called Zlinolit, made at the time of the construction of the Zlínský zámek in nearby Otrokovice. These are the first impressions gained upon entering the Zlínský zámek, a part of its interior underwent a sensitive transformation, preserving the genius loci of individual rooms.

"Even during the removal of old plaster layers, we knew that we wanted to preserve some original details in the castle's interior while giving it a fresh dose of boldness." This process was not easy for the multidisciplinary designer, as it was closely monitored by heritage authorities who rigorously oversaw the reconstruction of one of the oldest buildings in Zlín. "Due to the historical value of the building, we had several constraints, which I generally view positively in projects, and it was no different at the Zlínský zámek," recalls Adéla Bačová. She was pleased that heritage authorities accepted some of her suggestions, such as preserving an unplastered wall, although the final decision followed a long dialogue and a subsequent compromise.

Castle spaces often feature white walls and dark furniture complemented by heavy carpets. The renovated offices of Živý Zlín radiate exactly the opposite atmosphere. "The intention was to bring the playfulness and youth of the Živý Zlín team into the interior of the offices. We achieved this by using bold colors in contrast to simple furniture and space design. Details are a significant element of the interior, reflecting in both the materials used and the furniture and accessories," adds Bačová.

The heart-shaped logo of the Živý Zlín organization is reflected in a mirror placed in one of the rooms. This design inspired the entire LOVE-PLUS-EX-FEMME mirror collection, which the designer included in her portfolio. The distinctive feature of the collection is the unconventional color palette and details referencing card games used as shelf endings or handles. A unique element of the interior is the chandelier made of curved ceramic plates, designed specifically for this space.

Playfulness and boldness became the mottos of the office reconstruction at Zlínský zámek. Unique colors and products add exceptional character to the interior, making it a comfortable and welcoming place.

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