A handmade cerami set of two Mugs and Coffee Driper.
A set of two handmade ceramic Mugs.
A handmade ceramic coffee Dripper.

Blocks coffee set two MUGS and dripper

The coffee set was created as part of the Blocks ceramic collection, which balances the border between applied art, sculpture, and architecture. It follows the design of conference tables, vases, and aroma lamps not only by their morphology but also by the chosen color scheme.

ON REQUEST - 6 weeks

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The shape of the mugs is minimalist, their characteristic element is a vertical rim, which is created by two folded ceramic plates. The color of the mugs is inspired by functionalism. Ceramic mugs are an ideal option for filtered coffee or evening tea, their volume is 200 ml.

Blocks mugs are complemented by a dripper that is designed to filter coffee. The shape of the cornet was created by twisting a ceramic plate, which is distinguished by a white crystalline glaze. Thanks to this, random dots are created on its surface, their size and amount are always unique.


Hand-made ceramics
Cup Dimensions
200 ml
DIA 72 mm
H 78 mm
Dripper Dimensions
DIA 115 mm
H 100 mm
3-5 days
A handmade ceramic cofee Dripper.
A handmade ceramic coffee Dripper.
A handmade cerami set of two Mugs and Coffee Driper.