Lighthouse Koma

year : 2016
Photo: Martin Krba

Lighthouse KOMA

Lighthouse KOMA is a multipurpose modular building intended for various cultural events. The building can be also used as a café, pop-up store or space for vernissages or exhibitions. The advantage of KOMA is variability. Thanks to the possibility to take the house apart, it is possible to improve layout and size and create unique space which comply with needs of the event. Adela designed exterior and interior too.

Lighthouse KOMA began as a lighthouse with a possibility to connect and create relation between companies. Lighthouse was created by KOMA Modular, which invited a company Janošík OKNA-DVEŘE to cooperate with them. An interior was equiped with a furniture from TON, in an exterior was possible to use mobiliary from Egoé company. Floors were provided by V-PODLAHY, the supplier of lighting is company ELKOV. The complex is created by united forces, which with its wide variety of using serves as a overarching place for various activities.

Year: 2016

Client: Zlin Design Week

Contributor: Koma Modular

Photo Daytime and Interior: Nikol Drobná

Photo Nighttime: Martin Krba

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