Archa Café

year : 2021
Photo: Adéla Bačová

Reconstruction of the Archa café in Zlín

The reconstruction of the Archa café aimed to create a distinctive space that does not seek inspiration in current trends, but in traditional architecture. The main idea was to create a typical Zlín café that responds to the traditional architecture of the city but comes with a fresh design.

The main source of inspiration was a functionalist building from the 1930s, in which the café is located, a Tomas Bata monument or the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, for whom work with colored surfaces in the interior is typical.

The space of the café is very clean, but the colored areas create a spatial image, complemented by traditional furniture made of bentwood and simple circular lamps. In contrast to the pure geometry, there are organically shaped ceramic vases hung on the wall, which are hand-made in Moravia.

Year: 2021
Client: Archa Café
Photo: Adéla Bačová

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