year : 2019
Photo: Julius  Filip

Porcelain Spa Cup
for Luhačovice

Spa cup is inspired by two aspects typical for Luhačovice. The first of them is folk Art Nouveau by Dušan Jurkovič which inseparably belongs to the spa. The combination of functional architecture and conspicuous decorum is reflected by shape of the cup itself. The body of the cup refers to functionality, decorum is visible in the handle. The second aspect is the spirit and even fairy tale atmosphere of the spa. This emotional aspect is expressed by concomitant illustrations which depict typical elements of Luhačovice and dreamy mood which is intensify by both green and Jurkovič’s colours. Illustration was created by Veronika Zacharová.

Year: 2016

Illustrations: Veronika Zacharová

Photo: Erik Dudinský, Matěj Chrenka, Matěj Skalický

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