year : 2015
Photo: Pavel Juřík

Utopia & Arcadia

The main idea behind UTOPIA is to present traditional Czech delicacy in a distinctive way and to expand its typical user base to consumers that can mostly appreciate aesthetics of a product. A thick-walled glass that is inspired by shape of a pickling jar is decorated with hand- cut, that is being often used on typical Czech products.

The glass is complemented by serving tongs from bent veneer and a sealing lid from the same material. The label is inspired by folklore motives and offers all the ingredients needed for pickled sausages. As the title UTOPIA & ARCADIA suggests, the whole concept is a fantasy about new image of Czech pickled sausages, In order to raise the traditional pub dish into the gastronomic experience. What an utopian dream?

Year: 2015

Photo: Pavel Juřík

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